“Amkodor-Spetsservice” LLC



In 1991 the small-scale enterprise «Dormashservis» was created. In 1992 on the basis of the bought out premises the LLC «Dormashservice" which became a part of the concern «Amkodor», was founded. In 2006 it was transformed into the CC «Amkodor-Spetsservice». Step by step, increasing the volume and range of work, the factory passed to the loader repair service. Today, experts of the company serve and repair the full range of road-building and forestry machinery produced by «Amkodor» JSC.


The CC "Amkodor-Spetsservice" is a legal entity unit, has separate property, independent balance, bank accounts.

The total area of the factory is 221 hectares, the area of the industrial premises is 1086 sq.m., administrative area - 444 sq.m.

The average number of employees at the "Amkodor-Spetsservice" on 01.11.2011 is of 86 people, including 26 engineers and technical workers, blue-collars - 60 people.

The main job list of the CC «Amkodor-Spetsservice» includes the overhaul of road-building and forestry equipment produced by the JSC «Amkodor», including the engine and hydromechanical transmission assemblies repair, repair and setting fuel system, axles repair, dampers, hydraulic and pneumatic system repair.

Moreover, the company executes car frames repair, loading equipment, coating, cabs and other units repair, performs crankshafts engines grinding (except for Kamaz and imported machines).

In cases when the customer is unable to deliver the car to implement servicing on the territory of the factory, the CC «Amkodor-Spetsservice» sends to them mobile workers who carry out the full field service, as well as advise clients on the proper use of the equipment.

It should be noted that the parts used by the CC «Amkodor-Spetsservice» for recovery are original and in the majority of home manufacture and have the best price-quality ratio.

Besides the road-building and forestry machinery repair, the factory implements the service of new equipment during the warranty and after warranty period produced at the JSC «Amkodor».

Proved itself as a reliable company in the field of equipment repair, the CC «Amkodor- Specialservice» acquired a number of regular customers in various spheres (especially in construction and agriculture spheres) and the invariably growing volume of work.

«Amkodor-Spetsservice» for its industrial success should be thankful to the highly skilled specialists, as well as a sufficient resource base, which includes metal-cutting and welding equipment, lifting and crane devices, test desks and so on.

To expand the geography of the after-sales service the branch № 1 of «Amkodor-Spetsservice» was founded in the town of Gomel.


«Amkodor-Spetsservice» Director:
Igor Drozdov
Tel./(fax): +375 17 512-29-80
E-mail: amk-specservis@tut.by

Head of Sales Department:
Sergey Evgenievich Shurankov
Tel./fax: +375 17 512-29-62
Mob: +375 29 613-25-13
E-mail: amkodor-minsk@tut.by

Leading marketing engineer: 
Sidorenko Alexander Nikolaevich
Tel./fax: +375 17 512-29-62
Mob: +375 44 539-27-19


Briketa St. 39, Minsk, 220003, Belarus

The branch №1 of «Amkodor-Spetsservice» Director:
Polyakov Yuriy
Tel. +375 232-987-111

Promyshlennaja St.6, p/b 44, Zalipye village, Uritskiy s/s, Gomel Region, 247023, Belarus