Construction machines

A lot of people choose wheel loaders according to cost minimization principle. It is important to pay attention to both value for money and 1 hour operation cost. This factor includes cost of energy supply, repair and service during a period of time. Wheel loader is a bucket loader modification. It can grip various materials, load and transport them for long distances, work at charging paces and sand plains.

Amkodor loaders are reliable, comfortable and have high technological features. All models of modern loaders have cabins with a great visibility, sound insulation and provide comfortable working conditions. In order to maintain comfortable temperature in winter diesel loader is equipped with heater. For interior design items production the holding uses qualitative material ABS. 

AMKODOR 211 and AMKODOR 211E is designed for mechanization of cargo handling and performance of earth-moving work on the ground I and II category, perform storage operations with the stackable cargo, clearing roads of debris and snow-care areas, as well as to perform a variety of special and auxiliary works.

Road roller is one of the main products of Amkodor holding. Amkodor-Pinsk CJSC and Amkodor-Mozha LLC produce rollers for soil and asphalt compaction. In road-building sphere the asphalt, soil and gravel compaction is the main operation which provides road reliability and durability. 

Motor graders are designed for digging-grading operations in construction and maintenance of roads. It can be used for moving, distribution of soils and road construction materials, laying-out of backfalls, caves, earth fills, boxing of ballast and side ditch, snow removing, mixing of soils with additives and binding substance on the road bed. It is also designed for loosening of asphalt surface, cobbles and heavy-textured soils with the help of extra-attachment – ripper which is installed at the back of the graider. Grading system can be installed on demand.