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Cantilever Cranes


Cantilever cranes free-standing on a column, as well as wall-mounted cantilever cranes are designed for lifting operations and moving cargo in a confined space. Cantilever cranes are successfully used to transfer small cargoes from one span of a building to another. In this case, wall-mounted cantilever cranes are often used fixed on a column or wall of a building.

Preferential conditions for sales of equipment of the AMKODOR brand

Our company cooperates with leading companies to provide leasing to purchase special-purpose machines.

    • Carrying capacity, ton is 0,25 – 16
    • Reach, m is up to 5
    • Lift height, m is up to 5
    • Maximum cargo lift speed, m/ min is 12
    • Maximum travelling speed of cantilever trolley, m/min is 20
    • Maximum boom rotation speed, m/ min is 1
    • Crane operating mode according to ISO 4301/1 is А1 – А5
    • Operating mode of mechanisms according to ISO 4301/1 is М3 – М5
    • Lifting device is hook
    • Crane control is pendant / radio control
    • Drive control diagram is frequency / relay / mixed
    • Current conductor is cable
    • Climatic version is U1, U2, U3
    • Operating temperature range, °С is from -40 to +40

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