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Double-Girder Travelling Overhead Cranes Control from the Cabin


Overhead crane is one of the main devices used for lifting and transport works in production. The design provides for the installation of a variety of load-handling devices: a bucket, a grapple, a device for lifting containers, a magnet, etc. The cabin of the overhead crane can be either closed or open. This or that cabin type is going to be installed depending on the conditions the lifting device is is going to be used. The maximum crane carrying capacity is 32 ton.

Preferential conditions for sales of equipment of the AMKODOR brand

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    • Carrying capacity, ton is 5-120
    • Span, m, is up to 35
    • Lift height, m is 6-48
    • Maximum cargo lifting speed, m/ min is 7.5
    • Maximum travel speed of the crane trolley, m/min is 20
    • Maximum crane travel speed, m/min is 75
    • Crane operating mode according to ISO 4301/1 is А3 – А6
    • Operating mode of mechanisms according to ISO 4301/1 is М1 – М5
    • Lifting device is hook
    • Crane control is cabin/ pendant / radio control
    • Drive control diagram is frequency / relay / mixed
    • Current conductor is trolley / cable
    • Climatic version is U1, U2, U3
    • Operating temperature range, °С is from -40 to +40

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