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Milling Machine AMKODOR 8048M


Milling machine AMKODOR 8048M is designed for patching the asphalt pavement of airfields, streets, roads, sidewalks. The machine allows you to carry out the following types of coating repairs:

– continuous milling when restoring coatings;

– elimination of rutting and sagging at transport stops and in front of traffic lights;

– contouring of pits.

The scope of use – roads, city streets, squares, driveways, etc. The machine can be operated at ambient temperatures of + 5 ˚С minimum.

Preferential conditions for sales of equipment of the AMKODOR brand

Our company cooperates with leading companies to provide leasing to purchase special-purpose machines.


    • Base tractor -Belarus-92P

    • Engine – D-245.5

    • Rated power, kW (hp) – 65 (89)

    • Transport speed, km/h – 18

      • Operating speed with creeper and reduction gearbox engaged, km/h:

      • on 1st gear of chassis 0 … 0.808

      • on 2nd gear of chassis 0.31…0.947
    • Operating weight, kg – 5800

    • Length in transport position, mm – 5150

    • Width, mm – 2420

    • Cabin roof height, mm -2850


    • Milling width, mm -600

    • Milling depth, mm – 0…100

    • Working attachment location – Central

    • Transverse movement of working attachment, mm, to the right – 745

    • Working attachment drive- Hydraulic

    • Cooling of cutters – water with forced water supply

    • Type of working attachment – drum

    • Working pressure in the hydraulic system of cutter drive, MPa – 16
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