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Smooth-Wall and Corrugated, Flat-Bottom and Cone-Shaped Grain Silos SGP/SVP/SGK/SVK


Smooth-wall (G) and corrugated (V), flat-bottom (P) and cone-shaped (K) grain silos are designed for clean and dry grain receiving, long-term grain storage including layer-by-layer temperature control, multiple handling, control of the upper and lower levels, grain protection from damage by rodents and birds and atmospheric precipitation.

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    • Silo wall surface is Smooth, corrugated
    • Capacity, ton is 110-19820/4.5-1380
    • Slo diameter, m is 5.5-32.1/2.54-11
    • Cone-shaped bottom angle, °С is -/45 and 60
    • Silo wall material is steel S350GD
    • Zinc coating density, g/m3 is 450
    • Silo wall thickness, mm is 1-3
    • Snow load, kg/m2 is 240
    • Wind load, km/h is 160
    • Seismic load is 0.2g (8 points on a 12 point scale)
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