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Milling Snow Blower AMKODOR 9211А1


Milling snow blower AMKODOR 9211А1 is a powerful mobile tool for clearing loose and compacted snow from city streets, sidewalks, highways, yards. It has a mechanical drive of the working attachment. A more economical milling working attachment is installed in comparison with auger working attachments. A cutter is used as a working element of the feeder which when working in the face, loosens the snow and does not lead to its pressing which greatly facilitates the work of snow blowing units. The installed swivel chute allows you to load snow into the vehicle both on the right and on the left along the tractor.

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  • BASE

    • Base chassis type – Tractor Belarus 92P

    • Engine – D-245.5

    • Manufacturer – Minsk Motor Plant

    • Operating power, kW – 65

      • Travel speed, km/h:
      • transport, maximum – 18
      • working (on the 1st range of the hydraulic creep reducer):
        а) on the 1st gear of the chassis -0-0.44
      • b) on II gear of the chassis – 0.31-0.75


    • Type – Milling and rotary

    • Cutter diameter, mm – 820

    • Rotor diameter, mm – 680

    • Max loading height by the loading chute, m – 3.0

    • Performance (without loading chute), t/h – 200

    • Main snow mass throw distance, m -15/26

    • Effective width of the working attachment, mm – 2010

    • Snow layer height thrown in one pass, m -1.1


    • Length, mm – 5500

    • Width, mm -2040

    • Height, mm -3580

      • Axle load, kg, max:

      • on front axle – 3600
      • on rear axle – 2800

    • Operating weight, kg – 6100

    • Minimum swing radius over outer dimensions in the transport position, m, maximum – 7.25

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