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Milled Peat Harvester AMKODOR ATU-20


Milled peat harvester AMKODOR ATU-20 is designed for collecting dried milled peat from rolls, its loading into a hopper, its transportation to a stockpile for its subsequent discharge.

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    • Type is Trailed
    • Matching unit is Tractor of traction class 2 and over
    • Performance, ha/h is 2.0
    • Ground pressure under rollers, MPa is 0.16
    • Hopper effective width, mm is 1000±20
    • Hopper capacity, m3, minimum 23
    • Operating speed, km/h is 9±3
    • Travel speed, km/h is 10.3+2
    • Discharge conveyor speed, m/s is 0.79±0.2
    • Elevator speed, m/s is 1.3±0.2
    • Discharge conveyor width, mm is 1400±20
    • Tires are 550/50-17 14 TR


    • Length, mm is 6810±100
    • Width, mm is 5045±100
    • Height, mm is  5030±100
    • Minimum steering radius, m, max 10
    • Machine base, mm is 2500±50
    • Cart base, mm is 1300±50
    • Front wheel track, mm is 2360±50
    • Rear inner wheel track, mm is 1860±50
    • Rear outer wheel track, mm is 3190±50
    • Clearance, mm is 420±50
    • Operating weight, kg, maximum is 4400
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