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Stacker AMKODOR 30


Stacker AMKODOR 30 is designed to transfer milled peat into stockpiles (peat storage piles) from piles formed after discharge of milled peat from the hoppers of harvesters. The machine can also be used to move a self-heating stockpile to cool it down.

Preferential conditions for sales of equipment of the AMKODOR brand

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    • Model is D-243
    • Manufacturer is Minsk Motor Plant
    • Rated power, kW is 59.6


    • Hydrostatic closed with adjustable pump and hydraulic motors
      • Max travel speed, km/h:
      • operating (forward, reverse) 1.35
      • transport is 4.0


    • Hydraulic system: single-pump with adjustable LS-pump, two two-displacement travel motors, a two-displacement hydraulic motor of the working body and a non-adjustable conveyor hydraulic motor
    • Swing system: differential
    • Service brakes: hydrostatic transmission
    • Parking brake system: permanently closed disc brakes with hydraulic release located inside track gearboxes


    • Number of scrapers, pcs is 53
    • Scraper width, mm is 904±10
    • Scraper height, mm is 318±5


    • Type is Traction, lamellar, non-standard
    • Chain pitch, mm is 125
    • Roller diameter, mm is 60


    • Performance, m3/h, minimum is 850
    • Height of the formed stockpile, m is 8
    • Average ground pressure of propellers, MPa, maximum is 0.28
    • Boom angle change relative to the supporting surface, deg is 0-60


    • Length, mm is 5500±100
    • Width, mm is 23300±100/21250±100
    • Height, mm is 4000±100/9600±100
      • Minimum steering radius, m:
      • boom is lowered (along scraper edge) is 16
      • boom is raised (along scraper edge) is 10
    • Base (along the axes of tension and drive wheels), mm is 4050±100
    • Track (along the hollows of the tension wheels), mm is 2400±100
    • Clearance, mm, minimum is 350
    • Crawler track width, mm is 750±3
    • Rated voltage in the electrical system, V is 24
    • Сounterbalance (crushed stone) weight, kg is 3310
    • Operating weight, kg is 16000
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