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Peat Leveling Auger AMKODOR AТ-51


Peat leveling auger AMKODOR AТ-51 is designed to give a prominent surface to the peat production field of peat deposits in their cross section during the milling peat mining. The leveling auger operating instrument is a screw – double-threaded 1500 mm long on the right side, and then turning into a single-threaded one. Its advantage is the multi-entry part which greatly facilitates movement of the peat mass from one end of the auger to the other.

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    • Type is Trailed
    • Matching unit is Tractor of traction class 2 and over
    • Performance, ha/h is 0.8 – 1.3
    • Tractor PTO-shaft frequency, rpm is 540±10
    • Drive is Mechanical from PTO
    • Tilt angle of the working body, deg is 0…5
      • Specific ground pressure, MPa:
      • under the front roller is 0.04
      • under the rear roller is 0.04


    • Auger diameter, mm is 800-3
    • Auger pitch, mm is 600±20
    • Operating speed range, km/h is 0.49…4.25
    • Auger effective width, mm is 5700±50
    • Auger frequency, rpm is 115±10


    • Length, mm is 5350±100
    • Width, mm is 7500±100
    • Height, mm is 2000±100
    • Steering angle,m,max is 12.5
    • Operating weight, kg,max is 5700
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