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Platform Electrocar AMKODOR ЕP20


Platform electrocar AMKODOR ЕP20 (hereinafter referred to as the electrocar) powered by a battery is designed to transport various piece and packaged goods inside warehouses and workshops where the use of other vehicles is environmentally unacceptable or technically impractical.

The electrocar is designed for operation in areas with a moderate climate in the ambient temperature range from plus 40 ºС to minus 25 ºС. + The electrocar climatic version type is U1 according to GOST 15150.

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    • Control type is Seated
    • Rated carrying capacity, kg is 2000
    • Platform surface height without load, mm is 850
    • Load platform length, mm is 2130
    • Max. speed with/without load, km/h is 16/20
    • Climbability at a length of 12 m with a nominal load / without load,% is 10
    • Min. steering radius by outer dimension, m is 3.0
    • Length, mm is 3400
    • Width, mm is 1410
    • Height, H, mm is 2190
    • Road clearance in the base center, mm, minimum is 250
    • Unladen weight, kg is 2000


    • Type is Two-wire
    • Voltage, V is 80
      • Travel motor:
      • rated power, alternating current, kW is 3.6
      • voltage, V is 80
      • Accumulator battery:
      • rated capacity, Ah is 165
      • voltage, V is 80


    • Type is Electromechanical
    • Front is axle Steerable
    • Rear is axle Leading
    • Tires are 23х5 PR10


    • Type is Mechanical


    • Cabin is Option
    • Sides are Basic

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