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Platform Electrocar AMKODOR ЕP30


Platform electrocar AMKODOR ЕP30 powered by a battery is designed to transport various piece and packaged goods inside warehouses and workshops where the use of other vehicles is environmentally unacceptable or technically impractical. Electrocar AMKODOR ЕP30 — electrocar is designed with an AC electric motor.

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    • Control type is Seated
    • Rated carrying capacity, kg is 3000
    • Platform surface height without load, mm is 850
    • Load platform length, mm is 2130
    • Max. speed with/without load, km/h is 20
    • Climbability at a length of 12 m with a nominal load / without load,% is 22
    • Min. steering radius by outer dimension, m is 3.0
    • Length, mm is 3400
    • Width, mm is 1410
    • Height, H, mm is 2190
    • Road clearance in the base center, mm, minimum is 250
    • Unladen weight, kg is 2000


    • Type is Two-wire
    • Voltage, V is 80
      • Travel motor:
      • rated power, alternating current, kW is 3.6
      • voltage, V is 80
      • Accumulator battery:
      • rated capacity, Ah is 165-300
      • voltage, V is 80


    • Type is Electromechanical
    • Front is axle Steerable
    • Rear is axle Leading
    • Tires are 23х5 PR10


    • Type is Mechanical


    • Type is Closed
    • ROPS/FOPS is Integrated


    • Cabin Option
    • Doors Basic
    • Extra seat Basic
    • Sides are Basic
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