AMKODOR Expands Cooperation with Perkins Engines, International Manufacturer of Engines

The AMKODOR holding and Perkins Engines signed the Protocol of Intents. The British manufacturer can help the AMKODOR holding to enter the market of special-purpose machines of the European Union. It is ready to expand supplies of diesel engines for Belarusian machines. The Protocol of Intents was signed within the frames of the visit of the delegation of the Construction Equipment Association of Great Britain to Belarus.

The AMKODOR holding traditionally completes its special-purpose machines with the engines of Minsk Motor Plant which due to their reliability and high efficiency are popular among their users in the CIS and Near Abroad Countries. However, one of the tasks the AMKODOR holding solves nowadays is to enter the markets of the European union. This requires completion of the machines with the engines of environmental class Stage 4 and above. Diesel engines by Perkins Engines satisfy these requirements which are planned for installation at the forestry machines, road-construction machines, loaders, as well as other machines designed for sales within the territory of the European Union. For this purpose, Perkins Engines has already supplied the engines for eight different machines by AMKODOR. Further cooperation depends on real sales at the EU market.

We consider AMKODOR a very prospective partner. It is an open modern company pleasant to cooperate with. This Protocol of Intents confirms our desire for a long-term cooperation with AMKODOR, - Dave Robinson, business development director of Perkins Engines, noted.

For reference. Perkins Engines Company Limited which is a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. was established in 1932 in Peterborough, Great Britain. It is a manufacturer of diesel and gas engines of up to 2800 h.p. capacity for several markets, including agricultural, construction, warehouse, power and industrial engines. Its production capacities allow to manufacture up to 800 000 engines per year. Caterpillar is the largest customer of these engines and the share of the company is about 30% of the scope of sales. The largest part of sales is carried out in the European market, although sales volumes in the Asian market are growing rapidly.

Having manufactured almost 20 million engines, where more than a half of them are still in operation, Perkins Engines has earned a high reputation due to reliability, trouble-free operation, multipurposeness, compatibility of products and low cost of operation.