Primorye Territory is Interested in Assembly Production of AMKODOR Machines

Moscow held the meeting of Igor Petrishenko, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation, and representatives of the AMKODOR holding with Andrey Tarasenko, Acting Governor of the Primorye Territory. 

The picture is from the official web-site  of the Primorye Territory Adminnistration

Vladimir Yanushko, Deputy Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, Mikhail Bogdanovich, Director of the LLC Amkodor-Dormash-DV, Sergey Basalygo, Head of the Representative Office of the company in Minsk, Alexander Kharitonchik, Director of the Representative Office of the AMKODOR holding in Moscow took part in the negotiations.

The head of the largest region of Russia invited AMKODOR to cooperate. 

Andrey Tarasenko expressed his interest in the assembly production of the holding special-purpose machines for various economic sectors within the Primorye Territory. “We definitely need assembly in Primorye, our own production with localization and there are prospects for such development. We are actively developing the road infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, so the machines are in demand. In particular, reclamation machines are of great interest,” – he noted.  

Vladimir Yanushko, First Deputy Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, noted that the heads of the holding were interested in such cooperation as well. “Production actualization for the needs of the regions is our priority task. We are interested in our successful cooperation. In addition to the assembly localization, we will train experts how to operate the machines and we will provide their maintenance service. We are ready to come to Primorye to study the issue as soon as possible,” – he said. 

There is a distributor of the AMKODOR holding products in Primorye. Supplies of the machines to the region are increasing. A dealer structure which has already supplied to Vladivostok about 30 units of road and special-purpose machines is functioning as well.

Andrey Tarasenko expressed his opinion that active development of agriculture, increase in the agricultural production in the Primorsk Territory is impossible with the amount of agricultural machines the region has now. That is why he set the task to arrange an assembly site of the AMKODOR machines in the region”.