The exhibition "Belagro-2021" was opened

31st International Specialized Exhibition "BELAGRO-2021" began its work, in which the central place, right at the entrance to the site of the exhibition of equipment, is occupied by the products of the enterprises of the holding "AMKODOR".

There are more than 25 pieces of machinery and equipment produced by our company, including wheel loaders and telehandlers, trailer units and equipment for tillage, fertilization, pre-sowing and post-harvest grain processing.

The exhibition of the holding's equipment caused great interest among the heads of state administration bodies, enterprises of the agro-industrial sector, representatives of the diplomatic corps, and potential consumers of a wide range.

The most positive opinions are expressed. Here, for example, is what the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Food of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, V. V. Sysoev, said:

- We work very closely with AMKODOR Holding. Some of its enterprises are located on the territory of the region.

I would like to note that AMKODOR has recently significantly expanded the range of its machines and equipment and significantly improved their quality. Therefore, we go with the company on long-term contracts. In particular, the region this year (and this is something that we have not done for a long time) acquires 28 grain drying complexes. These are modern complexes with a capacity of 100 planned tons and above. Most of them are already being installed. We hope that by the beginning of the harvesting of rapeseed, grain and corn grain, the complexes will already be in operation.

It should be mentioned that AMKODOR pays great attention to the production of wide-range equipment, which is very important for our farms today because it allows us to do what we used to do in two passes in one pass of the unit. This results in direct savings in human and material costs. Plus, the use of a whole range of new "AMKODOR" aggregates for tillage, produced in Dzerzhinsk, allows you to level the fields, thereby raising the culture of agriculture to a higher level. And this affects both the volume of the crop and the rate of harvesting. Thus, the cooperation between the Minsk region and AMKODOR is mutually beneficial and productive.