The new-generation AMKODOR seeder has started working

In the farms of the Dzerzhinsk district of the Minsk region, a pneumatic grain seeder AMKODOR "VERAS-12000" with a working width of 12 meters is being tested.


"VERAS "is proper developing by AMKODOR Holding, which was completed in just one year with a high degree of localization of the production of domestic components. Work on the creation of this machine was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Regional Executive Committee.


The seeder is designed for sowing a wide variety of crops - from cereals and legumes, to cruciferous and grasses. It is aggregated with tractors of the traction class 5.0, with a capacity of 300 hp. The design takes into account the possibility of using the most modern methods of land use, including technologies that will be used in the future. So we can say with good reason that in the modern world this is the most advanced sowing unit that meets the high standards required for agricultural machinery for this purpose.


The machine is equipped with a new generation of electric seeding machines. They maintain a high accuracy of the seeding rate in a fairly wide range (from 2 to 350 kg / ha).

The drill is also equipped with a very convenient stepless system for setting the seeding depth(ranging from 1 to 8 cm), as well as a system for changing the pressure of the coulters on the soil (from 20 to 80 kg). All this allows you to maintain the required seeding depth in a variety of working conditions.

In the extended configuration, the seeder can be equipped with a navigation auto-control system that provides parallel driving of the unit across the field with an accuracy of 10 – 12 cm.


To obtain the maximum yield for farmers, it is important to carry out sowing in the most optimal time, when the soil contains enough moisture and fast, uniform application of seeds ensures their friendly germination. And the AMKODOR "VERAS-12000" seeder provides, in addition to high planting accuracy, also unsurpassed productivity – more than 12 hectares per hour!

After the tests are completed, AMKODOR will be ready to start providing Belarusian farmers with new seeders, and this will happen this year.